Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some great information on Tennessee and Kentucky Records coming soon

Hey all, I've been trying to get caught up after the conference and organize all of the information I got so that I can share some of it here on the blog. A good deal of useful info came from a set of lectures given by J. Mark Lowe, CG on Tennessee and Kentucky records. Not only did he give a bit of info on the records themselves for the two states, he also spent a great deal of time discussing the settlement and migration within the them which is extremely helpful to the family historian when looking at where folks may have settled. One of the resources he highlighted was a series of maps, held by the University of Virginia Library, which showed the density of the population for Tennessee, by decade, through the 19th century. This resource is supposed to be available online so as soon as I get a chance to find it I'll post the link. One of the most important factoids to remember though, according to the lectures, is that the history of TN and KY are intertwined together so it's not uncommon for you to have to consult references and/or search repositories of both states when searching for a family. More on this to come!


  1. Here's that link I discussed with the Historical Census Data.

    J. Mark Lowe

  2. Thanks very much for that link! I'll get it posted to the link list for easy reference.