Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back from the conference with a ton to share...First things first

Ok, so I'm back from the NGS conference in Raleigh and have a ton of info to get on the site. First off though, I have a new site for you all to check out. It's full of great old maps that you can view for free online. Maps are known to be of vital importance to genealogists not just so that you know the location of the area your subject was living in, but also because they can show you information that will help guide you on to the next steps of your research. Maps showing the trails and wagon roads, rivers, watersheds, mountains, and any number of topographical and statistical information can all be found on maps. A site that includes maps covering all of these aspects for numerous states and countries is . Just go to the site, choose how you would like to view the maps on your browser and start checking out all of the wonderful maps.

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