Saturday, April 18, 2009

Working my through the ins and outs of tax lists

So I'm currently attempting to get copies of tax lists from two different time frames from two different states. New Hampshire tax lists (I'm specifically looking for tax lists for Dover, NH 1800-abt 1817) remain in the town/city clerk's office while Pennsylvania tax lists (specifically for Delaware Co, PA between about 1840-1875) appear to be kept at the county level. Both are proving to be difficult to access from outside their respective states. For the NH part of the problem the lists a film including land grants and tax lists for Dover/Strafford Co in general, however these relate to the 17th and 18th centuries. They also have a film with the lists from the 1798 tax but Dover was not among those towns included in the lists. On the PA side, the following are the list of films available under the heading "taxation":
Additional tax transcripts of townships formerly in Chester County, Pennsylvania and now in Delaware County, Pennsylvania from 1781-1789 Chester County (Pennsylvania). Board of County Commissioners
Chester County taxes, 1781-1789, for that part of the county which became Delaware County Chester County (Pennsylvania). Collectors
Delaware County, Pennsylvania; the taxables in the assessment list of 1715 and Swedish inhabitants 1693 Williams, Richard T., d. 1983
Delaware County, the Delaware Bay and early settlers in the seventeenth century Williams, Mildred C. (Mildred Corson)
Index of wills and administration records of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 1789-1850 Williams, Richard T., d. 1983
Listing of inhabitants in 1722, Dalaware County, Pennsylvania Iscrupe, William L
Tax list of Chester County, 1768 : pertaining to the inhabitants of Chester County, including the present-day county of Delaware

None of which pertain to the time frame I'm looking for, abt 1840-1875. So pretty much, as I have been unable to location published indexes for tax lists fitting my time frame, it looks like my only option in both cases is to hire someone to go through the index for me. For those who may also be searching for an on-location professional researcher, the following sites are the best places to find them:

The Association of Professional Genealogists

Board for Certification of Genealogists

Through these two sites, you will be able to location highly trained and qualified genealogists with varying rates who will give you the best results in your search.

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