Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Something tells me I need to get organized...

So pretty much I'm a disorganized genealogist. I haven't figured out how to keep track of everything efficiently. I have one accordian file with alphabetized tabs to keep info from my own family. Obviously it's overflowing and ripping and needs to be replaced with a better system, I just haven't figured out what it is yet. To supplement that file, I have about 5 or 6 spiral notebooks that are each designated for notes and to-do lists by surname. The notebooks work pretty well however, when I'm in the middle of something and come across some info that needs to be jotted down right then I pretty much just grab whichever notebook is closest and then everything ends up getting all mixmatched anyway. Then there is the pile of legal-sized photocopies that do not fit in the accordian file. Even if they were the right size though, they probably wouldn't fit into the filled to the gills file folder. So they just sit in an out of the way pile, unorganized and completely disjointed from the rest of the info. I also have a file just for "client" work, however I've only had about 3 projects and nothing really warrenting a file of its own. So it pretty much just sits there collecting dust. Then we can't forget about the pieces of scrap paper riddling the computer desk with various notes, websites, tidbits of random information, etc. Computer program to hold my computerized information....HA! We won't even get into that here.

I could use one of those people I see on talk shows and on HGTV who come to your house and organize a room for you. I'm not sure even they would know how to fix this though. It is a quandry.


  1. Okay - you've just described my "mess" also - although I've told anyone who has "threatened" me with signing up for one of those organization shows that they would be physically harmed - I'm not throwing anything away (not just yet :-). I can certainly relate to this post and I think you'll find that eventually you'll find a system that works! I use one of those small file boxes for the names that I'm currently working on, a folder for each - keeps everything tidy and it's portable, but I often forget what's there and go looking for info again - my weakness - I need to get better about entering what I've found and THEN filing it :-) Like the blog and have signed up to follow!

  2. Hahaha! I can't even throw away the scrap paper on the desk for fear that it could be of use in the future. Glad you like the blog, thanks for the support!