Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do you use iTunes?

I was reading my NEHGS e-newsletter this morning and came across a great posting about iTunes. Apparently colleges and universities, including Oxford and Stanford, are posting individual podcasts and even entire courses with syllabus material on iTunes for download onto your iPod and iPhone. My husband just bought an iPhone in June and is always checking out iTunes for new apps so I'm going to have to take a look for myself at what is available.

Can you imagine how great it would be in places like Samford and BYU put some of their genealogy classes on iTunes? While it is possible to enroll in BYU distance classes, I think having them on your iPod or iPhone would make it even more accessible and you could go at your own pace. True, you wouldn't get the professional feedback that you would from being enrolled in the classes, but there is value in following along on your own. And when you need feedback on your coursework, you might just lean on your group members from ProGen or NGSQ or even the TGF list for feedback. But for now, it looks like genealogy classes are a little too specific in scope for iTunes. Still, taking a social history course from a Stanford or Oxford professor on your iPod or iPhone sound pretty cool to me.

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