Friday, April 9, 2010

Research Trip...Final Day

The last day of my 3-day research trip last week was to the Archives Rm at Daley Center in Chicago. I was finally able to make it down there but had a limited amount of time to work so I focused on the Divorce records. This was a new area for me but it went fairly smoothly. The important thing to note is that the early divorce records, late 19th century to about the mid-20th century, are not held on site. What they do have are the indexes from the Superior Court relating to law, chancery, and divorces. The indexes are on microfilm and are arranged chronologically and then alphabetically by surname of the Plaintiff. Information given in the indexes are the file number, the plaintiff's name and the defendant's name. It's limited but I was able to find what I was looking for and order the file itself (at a cost of $25). The staff has order forms for you to fill out and I was supposed to get an email this week confirming the order (which I haven't received yet) and then they were guesstimating that I was receive the file in a month or so.

So I've got a while to wait, but I'm anxious to see what's inside. I'm not at all familiar with divorce records so it will be interesting to see what will be including. I'm not really looking for anything too specific from this other than the full name of the defendant so as long as he's in there I'll be glad to have it.

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