Friday, April 23, 2010

Not too much happening these days...

Hey all, just wanted to check in. There isn't much going on here lately. Working on finishing my ProGen assignment for this month, a Research Report. I've only done one "official" report before now, for a friend's very limited project, so this is a great opportunity for me to get familiar with the process. I'm not finished yet but I've got a pretty good outline that I'm building from. I'll probably come back to talking about this later on.

I also ordered CD2 of the NGS Home Study Course this week, so that should be arriving shortly. Can't wait to continue working with this course. CD1, though it contained a lot of very basic exercises, was extremely useful. Sometimes in the course of daily genealogical work, you tend to pass over things that you feel you may not need anymore. Things like pedigree charts just don't seem to warrant your time anymore, but that CD really made me want to come back to them. It'll be fun to get back to the course and continue working on my skills.

The other tidbit I wanted to bring up, is a techie review I saw in Eastman's Genealogical Newsletter this morning. You have to see this! It looks so cool, I'm thinking I know what I want for Mother's Day, or maybe my birthday...

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