Monday, February 15, 2010

Work for the Geneabloggers Winter Games begins

I got a little done for the Winter Games yesterday-5 citations and I completed one part of category 6 (expand your knowledge) by renewing my NGS membership. It expired in December and I had to wait until tax refund time to renew. So right now, I'm at the bronze medal level for category 6 and still need to do a minimum of 5 more citations for a bronze medal in the Cite Your Sources category. My intention is to compete in all six categories, probably to varying degrees, but I'm going to try my best to see what I can get done. For more info on the categories and the tasks involved in each, take a look at


  1. Happy to be following your blog. I share the same flags as you. Good luck. Linda from Flipside.

  2. Hi, Linda. I'm a reader of your Flipside blog as well. I just took at look at your flag, you're right! I like how you added your family coat to the mix. Very nice! Thanks for checking out my little blog. It's kindof a hot mess but I try to keep things interesting :)