Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tally for Geneabloggers Winter Games

I haven't been doing a very good job at keeping a daily tally on my progress for the Geneabloggers Winter Games, but I have been working so here's the newest tally. For further details on what is involved for each of the categories, visit

I've been lucky enough to get several copies of vital records over the last week and have gotten my citation tally (for category one "Cite Your Sources") up to 23 and I still have a couple more to get done which may bring my total up to 30 by the end of the week bringing a Gold Medal my way. Woohoo!!!

Category 2: "Back up your Data"- This was a pretty easy one for me because I found that most of the requirements relating to protecting and preserving photos has already been done. Lucky break for me. I've signed up with Mozy to help protect my data, as well as backing up several files onto a thumb drive. As for things that are really vital to preserve, they are in two separate safety deposit boxes making everything safe, protected, preserved and it should make for a fairly transition should something happen to threaten everything. This one should bring me a Platinum Medal, the only one so far.

Category 3: "Organize your Research"- Still need to really get to work on this one, though I was able to get a start on it while working on category one. Photos still need to be organized better though so I'm at 3 tasks for this one. Three completed tasks gets me a Gold Medal, but I should be able to attack those photos at some point which would earn me a Diamond or even a Platinum Medal for 4 and 5 completed tasks respectfully

Category 4: "Expand your Knowledge" - This is another category I'm still working on. I've only completed one of the tasks, looking at one of the tutorials on, but I should be able to get 3 or maybe 4 done soon. I will definitely be returning to google maps for this category to map out an ancestral location. I had a great time playing with this program prior to my trip last fall to Darke County, OH and was able to use it to locate a tiny cemetery just outside of Greenville thanks to that program.

Category 5: "Write, Write, Write" - I've did a lot of posting yesterday and some were composed as drafts and pre-published so I've got one task completed. I will probably do one more task, such as participating in a carnival event (such as this one, does that count? :) ). I already have two of the items necessary for two separate tasks for this category so I don't think those count which leaves me with only a couple possibilities. So I'm guessing I'll only have about 2 or 3 tasks completed for this one.

Category 6: "Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness"- I'm at 5 tasks on this one. I've commented at a new blog, I participated in some indexing at both and familysearch, I joined a society (actually renewed after I had let it lapse), I use the follow feature to follow other blogs, and I invited another genealogist to join facebook. Whew!

So that's the latest tally. Hopefully I can meet my goals, but even if I don't I've already gotten a ton of work done that probably would have just sat for another day (which basically means probably never). So it's already been a great experience.

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