Friday, October 9, 2009

Great new link from the Photo Detective

Maureen Taylor's Photo Detective website offered up a great new link that would be extremely helpful to anyone who has some of the Postcard photos in their collection. If you go to and scroll down a little bit, you'll see a table with the names of Postcard photo companies and their dates of operation so you can date those photos. I have one that someone put a date on but just to check it out, I looked it up in the table on the Playle site and it was right.

Here's my Postcard photo of my Great Grandparents, Charles L. Stevens and Helena (Sigmund) Stevens.

Someone wrote on the back that the photo was taken in 1910 and the postage part shows "Cyko" which, according to Playle's site, made Postcard photos from 1904 to the 1920s. So that fits in, though judging from Great Grandma Stevens' dress and hat, I'd definitely say it was taken during the earlier years. What a getup!

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