Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finished the first research report for my Delibac project

I've finally put together my research report for my Delibac family project. The objective is for me to find out where exactly in Quebec Moise Delibac came from and if I can, try to find out who his parents were. The family assertion is that he is a son of Alexis Delibac and Felicite Gaudreau but up to this point, we had no concrete evidence for this. Here is my initial post on the problem/s I am hoping to work out.

I'm not a computer person so I did my research report on paper, and need to type it up and get it on the site. But I was thinking that maybe instead of typing up my research report, instead I would try to work up something like a tips and a template post, where I would give some tips and instructions from what I've learned in the past, and then post examples from my own report to show how I incorporated those tips. That might be more help to people than seeing a report for my own personal project. So I'm going to try and tweak my report this weekend and get my alternate idea up here soon. Keep your eyes open!

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