Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kindof a funny new development

Alright, so I've been working on the initial records survey for a project focusing on finding the origins of Moise Dellibac, and hopefully proving his parentage in the process. My first step here is usually to scour the web for info and resources and that includes checking the website of the local genealogical society. The earliest confirmed location in the US that I've found for Moise is in Iroquois County, IL and as it happens the county has their own society with a pretty informative website . In the database section, they have included indexes to several collections of county records. So, like the diligent family historian that I am, I figured I should probably check all that could apply to my Dellibac family. For the most part, I came up empty which isn't really surprising since it looks like they were only technically in Iroquois County for perhaps the first few years of the 1850s before their home became part of Kankakee County. But I did come up with one rather interesting hit. Of all the records that they could have shown up in on this site, the potential father of Moise (the man who has been believed to be his father by the descendants of Moise's daughter, Josephine) appears in the Index for Criminal Cases. That's right. They don't appear in the tax list, they don't appear in the marriages section, or the online grantee-grantor index, not even the probate or civil court records. The criminal case files. The online index doesn't give any specifics about what Alex Dellibac was being charged with, but there are two continuous case numbers given in the index so I'm hoping there may be some interesting information included within at least one of those files.

It's just funny to me. In all of my initial searching during this first step, I get a hit in the criminal case files for the county. Yeah, that sounds about right for my family :)

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