Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not to get off the subject but...

I've just gotten confirmation that I'll be taking on the "Always a Hoosier" project for the Indiana Genealogical Society. This project documents the bios and the burial sites of those born before 1930 and who were buried in the state. Essentially what will be built is giant database to those buried in Indiana, along with some biographical info.

For more info, and to find out how to add your ancestors to the database, check out the IGS website here

So go to the website and get your Indiana ancestors added to the list and into the IGS periodical!

Ok, now back to the Bolda stuff! :)


  1. Thanks for passing this along, Nikki. Even my parents qualify for this one.

  2. Oh great, Nan. Once you submit your form/s they pass them on to me for the database and the write up before I forward it on to the newsletter editor. The deadline that I'm working on now is Nov. 15 for entries that will appear in the December newsletter. I do have about 12 entries to write up now and I've been told to forward as many as I have, up to 15, for the editor to choose which she would like to place in the newsletter. So there's still room for a few more before this deadline passes.