Friday, December 18, 2009

Reminder- IGHR 2010 Registration Begins Jan 19th!

Hey all, I got my reminder email this morning to let me know that registration for the Institute for Genealogy and Historical Research begins at 9am CST on 19 January 2010. This will be the first year I'll be able to attend and I can't wait!

Here's the info page

courses for 2010

and courses planned for the future


  1. So glad you are going to be able to attend. Have I ever told you how fortunate I feel to have someone of you caliber researching one of my lines? We'll figure out this Bromagem stuff yet.

  2. Oh Nan, please! You have been working with the Bromagems especially for far longer and are far more familiar with what was going on than I am. I'm really glad to have the support though. I've found some are not quite as willing to lend a hand with the catch up work.